Myers-Briggs: Judging and Perceiving Functions #2

If you are not familiar at all with the MBTI or the 16 personality types, this may be a little confusing and boring.

In my last post on this topic, I left off about to talk about the differences between introverted functions and extroverted functions. In this post, I’m going to talk about the first and last letters.

Now, if you remember, the second letter in your Myers-Briggs type is your perceiving function and the third letter is your judging function.

With that in mind, your last letter can either be a P (perceiving) or a J (judging). What this tells you is which letter is extroverted, and which letter is introverted. For instance, an INFP’s perceiving function (N) would be extroverted, and an INFJ’s judging function (F) would be extroverted. Now, if your perceiving function is extroverted, then your judging function is introverted. So, an INFP would have Ne (extroverted intuition) and Fi (introverted feeling). An INFJ would be the opposite: Ni and Fe.

What the FIRST letter tells you is which function is your primary function. If your first letter is “I”, then your primary function would be the introverted function. For example, I’m INFJ. This means I mostly use Ni and Fe. However, since my first letter is I, my primary mode of living is Ni. An ENFJ would also have Ni and Fe, but an ENFJ’s primary mode of living would be Fe.

Hmmm… I hope this post made sense.