MBTI Communication: Informing vs. Directing

Some would argue there are two major styles of communication. This website argues this. The website is called “INFJ or INFP?” and it helps INF’s to figure out their fourth letter since it can be difficult to tell the difference between INFJ’s and INFP’s.

The two major styles are directing and informing. The example used on INFJ or INFP? is  how the different communication styles would ask someone to get milk. If there was no milk left, someone with a directing communication style would say, “Would you buy some milk while you’re out?” Someone with the informing communication style would say something like, “We’re out of milk.”

The theory is that NJ’s and ST’s used the directing communication style while NP’s and SF’s used the informing communication style. Everyone uses both from time to time, but which one to you prefer? Everyone uses both of their hands, but everyone prefers to use one over the other. If you are trying to figure out your type, then I hope this helped.

Also, if the informing style comes across as sarcastic or rude, then your preference is probably directing.