Wake Forest and Seminary

A few weeks ago (six and a half to be exact) I moved to Wake Forest from Raleigh to be closer to my school. I’m currently attending Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Today, I took a break from my studying to take some pictures to share on my blog. However, you must understand that I am no photographer, and my camera is only arguably a camera.

I start with my apartment, then move to Wake Forest, and end with my campus.

My door.

My living room.

I don’t have a couch because I’m really rich.

My bedroom.

As you can see, I do launder my bedding unlike a lot of guys.

(the mattress is small, but it sooooo comfortable.)

My kitchen.

My chicken.

(this was my very last art assignment in college.)

My bike.

Downtown Wake Forest.

Weird statue that startles me every time I walk by it.

My school.

(This is the oldest building on campus. it’s the first building in the state of NC where Evolution was taught. of course, that is very ironic considering it now belongs to a very theologically conservative seminary.)

(this is the newest building. I like that it “looks” old.)

Wake Forest Baptist Church.

Even though it is “on campus”, it’s not a technically a part of our campus.

I want to conclude with a comic I drew yesterday. Enjoy.

“I mean, we could eat here if you really want to. But I’m not a big burger person.”