Potato Faces

I am so funny!

One of my roommates bought some potatoes a while back that he never got to. Last night, I discovered an entire bag of sprouting potatoes in the bottom of my pantry! The parts that were sprouting reminded me of hair, so I decided to be creative. I drew faces on several of them with a sharpie, and Nick and I put them in different places around the kitchen and waited to see the response of our other roommates and to see how long it would take them to notice.

In the pantry:

In front of Cliff’s dishes (in the cabinet):

On top of the freezer:

In the freezer (Nick’s and my favorite):

And a different angle:

And the window sill above the sink:

Anyway, I’ve been slow on blogging, and I’m hoping to blog more this summer now that school is winding down.