An idol is an idea. The danger of an idol originates in the heart of the worshiper, not the stone. A stone is not dangerous, but desiring something to the extent that you are willing to sacrifice something so you will get what it promises is dangerous. We may not have stone and wooden figures, but we still have the same dangerous devotions and fears.

Throughout Isaiah, there is a constant reminder that salvation belongs to the Lord alone. However, Israel continued to look elsewhere for its salvation. They took salvation into their own hands quite literally. They created and worshiped gods that could not see, and they became blind. They created gods that could not hear, and they became deaf. They created gods made of stone and their hearts turned to stone. They created gods that had no heartbeat and the Israelites died. Their gods had no knowledge, and they were worthless. All who worshiped them became foolish and worthless.

But God, in his great love, continued to pursue his people saying:

Wait! I am sending a savior with eyes, and by him you will see!

Wait! I am sending a savior with ears, and by him you will hear!

Wait! I am sending a savior of flesh who will replace your heart of stone with a  heart of flesh!

Wait! I am sending a savior who bleeds, and he will atone for your sins!

Wait! Wait on him, and you will see, you will hear, you will love, and you will be forgiven!

Wait. Wait on the Lord, and you will live.

And by God’s grace toward us, the people of God have the great privilege of living under the shelter of this savior. Our Savior is not created, instead he is the source of all created. And he is an endless well, and a never-ending, rich feast that both satisfies and leaves us wanting more, knowing that this is what we were meant for.

But our journey is not over, so let’s not forget our Savior while we wait patiently for his return. Let’s not fear the created over the creator. Let’s live like a people who see and hear with living hearts that beat in joyful expectation of the return of our Messiah.