Abortion Thoughts From a Pro-Lifer

I tend to steer clear of highly politicized issues because I am usually afraid of offending someone or damaging relationships. While I think there is a time to keep your mouth shut out of love and a desire for unity, it should never be out of a fear to say the truth and stand up for what is right no matter how unpopular it is at the time.

I have come to the realization that my silence on this issue (and a variety of others) is not out of love and a desire for unity. If I have to choose between appearing to be a tolerant supporter of modern feminism or speaking out against abortion, I should always choose to risk the appearance of intolerance while speaking out against one of the biggest human rights violations of our time.

This is not meant to be a condemnation on anyone, but I believe this is a serious issue. I don’t want you to feel condemned for past actions, but I do want you to change your mind for future actions.

When you say it isn’t a life, I’m confused by what you mean by “life” and I want to know what would constitute human life to you. When you say that it isn’t a human life because it’s a fetus or a lump of tissue, I am baffled. You also are a lump of tissue, and saying that a fetus is not a human is like saying an adult is not a human. Just like saying a black man is not a human is extreme racism, saying a fetus is not a human is extreme ageism. When you say that abortion decreases poverty and crime, I want to ask you when it was that you decided that killing someone before they even have the chance to breathe because they might become a poor criminal would be a good idea. Is killing the poor the children of the poor a good way to decrease poverty? When you say it’s a difficult, personal choice, I want to ask you what is so deeply personal about taking away another person’s right to life?

Am I not allowed to ask these questions or say these things because I’m a man? Am I somehow trampling women’s rights by arguing against abortion? I believe with all my heart that women have the same rights as men, but no one has the right to take the life of her child, no matter how merciful it may seem for the child at the time or how convenient it may seem to the mother. The reason that I, a man, have to speak into this issue is because children’s mothers, women, are not protecting their children’s lives. I have to speak because there are older women telling young, teenaged girls to do a horrible thing saying that abortions are a perfectly moral thing to choose, and that is wicked and wrong.

I honestly don’t care what the Supreme Court decided. It doesn’t make it right. America got it wrong on this one. Wasn’t the Constitution meant to protect the weak and vulnerable from the tyranny of oppressive government? Instead our government has taken away the legal protections of human rights of the unborn. Our human rights are not supposed to be subject to the government, the government is to subject itself to human rights. Because of the legalization of abortion, our government is a criminal. And because of our acceptance of such a horrible, dehumanizing practice we as a nation have a lot of blood on our hands. My hope is that we will open our eyes, and abortion will be seen for what it is.