Life in a Micro Apartment

Since last May, I have lived in a 170 square foot studio apartment. I honestly like the size and simplicity as a single guy. I have all I need, and I’m in walking distance to most things. I think living in an micro apartment has been a really cool thing for me. However, it does have some drawbacks. So, I’m gong to list some of the pro’s and con’s of living my life in a micro apartment followed by some pictures.


  1. Location. I get to experience life in an urban setting. I live in an area called Ballard, and I can walk to the grocery store, drug store, cafes, pubs, coffee shops, bookstores, eye doctor, dentist, and several different parks. I’m also two blocks away from a bus stop that takes me straight into the heart of downtown Seattle.
  2. I can live alone. In a densely populated city where space is in high demand, housing can be pricey, and many times you are required to have multiple roommates.
  3. I don’t hold on to stuff. I think twice about buying anything because I often think, “That’s cool, but it won’t fit in my house.” It reminds me of what I really need.
  4. Utilities included in rent. Water, sewer, electricity, and even WiFi internet are included in my rent cost.


  1. Communal kitchens. There are no ovens in my personal unit. My apartment has a microwave, fridge, counter, and sink; but if I want to cook something in an oven or on a stove top, I have to use the communal kitchen down the hall.
  2. It’s very small for visitors. I’ve had several people visit Seattle and spend a night or two in my unit. The twin air mattress literally takes up most of the floor space.
  3. It’s not cheap. It’s cheaper than almost anything else in Seattle, but that’s not saying much. My unit it $770 a month, and while that does include utilities and rent, that would be unthinkable in almost every other city for the size of my apartment.
  4. Parking. Micro apartment buildings do not usually have their own parking, and parking in Seattle can be frustrating. I often have to park about four blocks away from my building.