Road Trip Part 1: Seattle to Boise

DSC_0290Yesterday was the first day of my big road trip from Seattle, WA to Jacksonville, FL with my first stop in Boise, ID. If you ever get the chance to drive from Seattle to Boise (or the other way around), you will experience one of the prettiest 7-hour drives you can have. After leaving mild and cloudy Seattle, I drove through the Cascades by way of Snoqualmie Pass on I-90. Snoqualmie Pass still looked like a Christmas village with its snowy evergreen branches and mounds of snow piled against buildings. Yet in only one hour, I passed from the foggy, misty mountains into arid and desertous Yakima and found myself needing sunglasses (seriously, for the first time in MONTHS).

The terrain and climate continued to dramatically change after that. This drive took me through several thick green forests as well as grass covered mountains that looked like they had been tie-dyed various shades of pastel greens, reds, and yellows; and I drove through deep mountain passes and wide-open farmlands.  I arrived in Boise around 6:30 pm (mountain time) last night, and I am now sitting in my hotel in Boise trying to finish this up so I can go check out the continental breakfast. But before I leave, I’ll share a couple photos!