Rest and Behold the Lamb

“Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!” – John 1:29

Yesterday morning, I was struck by the simplicity of this phrase as I read through John 1. This phrase is incredibly simple because it’s really all we have to do, and yet it’s incredibly profound because this is the foundation of Christian faith. This beholding is the foundation and the motivation of all godly living.

What if I can’t believe? What if I can’t trust? What if I can’t do what’s right? What if I’m scared?

The answer is to simply look at the one who believed on our behalf, was faithful when we were unfaithful, lived righteously when we failed, and lived courageously when we cowered back.

When our hearts are cold toward God, Christ loves God in all that he does. Christ is good when we are not, and he is faithful when we are fickle. We simply have to rest and behold the Lamb knowing that when we are weak he is strong.