God is good to me.

I should not allow brokenness in my life to cause so much sadness that it overshadows the joy I draw from the Gospel. Of course, brokenness should not make me happy; it is a symptom of sin, the fall, and separation from God. But if I allow my brokenness to cause for me so much sadness that it drives me to despair and I cannot see the goodness of God any longer, then I am not understanding the Gospel.

My thorns should pinch me awake so I don’t fall asleep and think I will find lasting peace in a fallen world. I am not in heaven yet. They should remind me that I still desperately need the Gospel, and my life would be entirely, completely, and totally different without the love of Christ.

Christ died for me while I was still a sinner with an act of pure love, so I could be declared and made righteous. I have been taken out of, and preserved from a life of blindness and slavery. I am now a friend and child of God, and when I look at all He has done, I wonder why I’ve ever doubted His goodness.

My thorns are only a reminder of what was beaten and that death is dying and life is growing, and I have evidence of this unshakeable truth in my very own life history.

I will not forget this truth because my entire life has been sealed in Christ and not only forgiven but changed and molded from death to life. I will step into the future in joyful faith without fear because my God, Jesus Christ, has overcome the world, and He has overcome death.

With the Gospel, there is no room for despair and no room for fear, only joyful steps of faith that lead us to a passionate love for God and the people He created.