Jesus didn’t die to give us a happy earthly life. He died so we could joyfully look beyond unhappy events. He gave us His Spirit so our hearts would detach from the temporary world and cling to the Eternal. Jesus died so we could overcome the world, not so we could love the world.

Jesus is not a mean to an end. He does not promise worldly success or worldly pleasure or worldly peace or worldly security as if He is the glue to adhere us to the world. He is not a step between where we are now and where we want to be.

Jesus is the Eternal. He is everything and He is the ultimate Good and Light and Truth. He is Reality. He is not merely a part of our existence who helps us along our way. He is the reason we exist and because of His grace we know He is the reason we exist.

Jesus is King and Lord. He is sovereign whether we like it or not, and our worlds and lives should be viewed through such a lens.

Jesus didn’t die so our own delusional kingship of our lives would be strengthened as if He were only one of our servants. He didn’t die to tie our hearts to the world by always granting us success and happy endings. He died so that, by the grace of God, we would have a heart that yearns for the world to be put back in its proper order, a heart that yearns for Christ to be its king, and a heart that longs to obey the One it was created to obey. He died so that there would be immeasurable grace when we as little children imperfectly love our Father and often fail to love Him.

His death brings life and restoration, hope and peace. Because of new life, I can see restoration happening. Because of what God has done, my hope and peace in future, continued restoration is secure. Now I can faithfully step out in obedience knowing God has not forgotten me or you or the world.