Stories I Wrote as a Child

Over the weekend, I celebrated my 31st birthday. I spent some time with a friend going through some of my old keepsakes and stumbled across some stories I wrote as a child. Most of them were written between 1994 and 1995 (2nd grade). Apparently I was experiencing a cultural golden age of sorts with all kinds of literature exploding from my fingertips.

I’ve preserved all original spelling and punctuation in order to preserve the artistic integrity of these five masterpieces. 

I Ate a WORM!

By Andrew Thomasson

Age 8

Date October 20, 1994

*I remember writing this story, and I didn’t actually think that dog catchers ate dogs. I just seriously couldn’t think of anything that ate dogs. 

Once upon a time I went to my Grandmother’s house, And I picked a apple and do you know what I ATE A WORM! What do you think eats worms, a fish so I ate a fish but I still felt the fish. What?! What in the world eats fish, a cat? So I ate a cat but I still felt the cat. What eats cats? A dog? So I ate a dog! What eats a dog? A dog catcher! So I ate a dog catcher! I still felt the dog catcher. What in the world eats a dog catcher? A lion! So I ate a lion! IF Y’ALL DON’T GET OUT, I’M GOING TO PUT A BEAR IN HERE!


Invadores (not true)

Aug 29 Tues 1995

*Apparently I thought that this story was written like a CNN article because I had to add the disclaimer: not true. 

One day a evil spell came over the world. Evrery day somthing happens. But one day a whirlwind came. And it sucked our house into the ground. When we got to the bottom we saw a book on the ground. We picked up the book. Then it said you are in middle earth. Then we went out side. It was verey dark out side. Then we herd bushes rumbling. And on the way I saw a big tower right in front of my face. And then I herd mumbling in the tower. I looked up at the tower and what a surprise! I saw a monster! I ran back to the oihers. I told them everthing. But they didn’t beleive me. So I showed them. So they believed me.

The Big Waves

Circa 1995

*I loved disasters and destruction as a child. It was kind of weird. Many of my stories (like the last three in this post), drawings, and comics were about disasters. I remember thinking that this was SUCH an epic story when I wrote it.

Once upon a time there were three boys Chris, Andy, and Will. They all wanted to go to visit their Grandma over in London. They decided to take a ship to London. So finaly the day came to when they would leave. When they were on the ship they heard of a verry bad storm. All of the sudden the waves started to rock the boat! Lightning struck the boat! It was pooring rain! There wasn’t any shelter because the lightning burned the shelter! Then the ship hit a rock! Then the ship sadly sunk. The boys got washed up to shore. But one never came up to shore. And woke Will up. They both were coughing up water. They both slept there that night. In the morning they ate fish. Entill they were sixteen they had to beg a t the city gate of London. After four years of begging they had enough money to live on their own. One day they were walking down the street. At they walked they wouldn’t stop looking at an old ladie. “That looks just like Grandma.” Andy said. After a week the boys asked her if she was their Grandma. All is what she said is “I heard about the ship. I thought your boys were dead.” “Well one didn’t make it.” said Andy. One day they were walking down the street and they saw some one that looked just like Chris. One day they asked him. He only have him a great big hug. So he told his whole story about swimming to America and coming back to London on a ship. When they were twenty years old Will was a teacher, Andy was a lawyer, and Chris was a storkeeper. A year later they went to colege. They all told the story of the ship. Andy wrote many storys and put them in the store. They had so much money they could buy their own house. A year later they did but their own houses. They worked hard for money. Four years later they got on a ship and went to America.

The End

Tornado! #1

Circa 1995

*Tornadoes were one of my favorite disasters to draw and write about. I loved TV shows on the Discovery Channel about tornadoes, and any sitcom or cartoon or book that had tornadoes was really cool to me.  

One day Andy was walking home from school. It was so windy that he could lean in the wind with out falling. He could barrely walk in the wind. When he got home he heard something like a train. He looked up and there it was a big black funnel! It almost sucked him up! When he got inside he looked for everyone. They were in a bathroom. “Why are yyall in here?” asked Andy. “Because of the tornado!” exclaimed Mother. He got in with them. All of the sudden they flew in the air! They flew round and round. All of the suden they flew out of the big black funnel! But they were all safe. After that they all had to work for money. About three months later they bought their own house

The End

People From Space!

Circa 1995

*I don’t really know who “Dark invator” is, but I remember my brother and I talking about him. He was some recurring fictional character we made up in our drawings and pretending, especially when we were pretending to be attacked by aliens. 

It was a ordanary boring day like usal. I was drinking coffee in my chair lisening to the news. The news man anounced, “Today while some men were walking to the library in Orange Park clamed that they saw a rocket ship full of aliens”! He said as he screamed as he was running away from the camera.

I got up out of my chair and said “What! Theres no such thing as an alien!” I said. All of the sudden I heard cars crashing, houses blowing up, and big footsteps. I looked out my window. As my mouth hung open I said “What in the world don’t tell me I’m seeing things! Those can’t be people from space!”

I ran down street to my friend james as I was trying to dodge the laysers from the aliens. I ran in his house and said, “Lets get out of here!” I said “No” said James.

James said his dad who was seventy five years old was dying of a disease from the aliens. I said “Well then lets drive him in a car!”

As we were driving something weird was flying in the sky. Then a bright light came out of the sky and a strange man was in the light. He almost looked like the enimie in my favorite book, Dark invator. He said that he would destory the world with one little pebble filled with

*I honestly think that I couldn’t think of anything that could fill a pebble and destroy the world, so just gave up. But wow! What a cliffhanger! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these and I hope they put a smile on your face.