Road Trip: Final Post

I’ve completed my cross-country trek! And I finished almost a month ago… I’ve been in Florida for almost a month now. I’m sorry for not updating everyone who might be worried that I was taken out by a drug cartel somewhere near El Paso. I arrived in Jacksonville June 12, about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I was very busy as soon as I got back, and then my computer was acting up. So now that everything is in working order, I’ll just brush over some of the highlights of the last few days of my trip and tell a little of what I’ve been up to.

After leaving El Paso, I headed east and I spent a night in Midland, TX where I was the only driver on the road without a pickup truck. The next day I drove to Fort Worth where I was able to have dinner with my uncle. The Dallas area was the first area where I started to see a lot of trees, and things were becoming greener; and I was VERY happy about that. When I left Fort Worth, my next stop was in Jackson, MS. Somewhere in east Texas was where the humidity REALLY started to kick in. Here is a photo I took just after crossing the Mississippi.


While is Mississippi, I visited with my friend Kayla who I hadn’t seen in ages and was able to finally meet her husband. They were kind enough to give me a place to crash and buy my dinner before I headed up to meet Casey in Birmingham, AL. I spent a full weekend in Birmingham with Casey, and we went to a market downtown, hiking, and an outdoor performance of Dvorak’s Symphony No. 8.


After leaving Birmingham, I drove straight down to Jacksonville, FL. Since I’ve been back in Jacksonville, I’ve been getting all my paperwork together so I can start substitute teaching in the fall and applying for some hourly positions to supplement my subbing income. I’ve also been doing some fun things like reconnecting with old friends, going to the beach, and trying out some new food and coffee places around town. Last night, my parents and I spent some time downtown at the Jacksonville Art Walk.


Thank you to everyone who prayed for me, supported me, and gave me a place to stay on my trip back. It was a really awesome experience, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life.