God’s Provision

His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness

God has given us all that we need right now, in this very moment. God provides for his children, daily, hourly, constantly. Notice I didn’t say, “God will one day provide”; I said, “God provides”.

Often our joy is found in a hope of some future satisfaction rather than in what God has already graciously given us. God doesn’t promise to possibly maybe one day provide us with all that we need. He has promised to provide day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. When God promises to provide, that’s not some future provision. He’s not saying that one day we will have all we need. No, he’s saying that today, this very hours, we have all we need.

Every day there is a reason to not trust God, and every day there is a new reason to believe that God has not provided us with all that we need. So, I have to ask myself constantly, “Has he provided today? In his grace, has he given me what I need here and now?”

The answer is yes.

This is hard to believe because we are often very aware of the things we believe we are lacking: money, time, health, friendship, romance, children, patience, fortitude, perseverance, purpose, meaning, etc.

But it really is true that he has given us what we need in whatever situation we find ourselves. God is working for our benefit, and we are becoming more and more the people he wants us to be. If you are his child and belong to him, whatever happens today will lead to your sanctification and in the worst case scenario, the Lord will call you home. No one will snatch you from his hand, and nothing can separate God’s children from his love.

I often think, “I don’t have what I need today. But one day I will because God promised it.” But this isn’t what Jesus says. Jesus says that today you will have all you need. You can be content today and right now because God has given you all you need. We do not need anything more than what our good, wise, caring Father has provided for us.

It takes faith to trust that we have all we need right now and to trust that there may be nothing more coming tomorrow. That takes faith, but along with that faith comes peace. We live in a world that has cut itself off from the one who brought it to life. Living here will be hard, but in Christ we are given the grace every hour to live a life of joy, peace, sacrifice, and satisfaction.